Introduction to Accounting

About the Instructor

Christi Schaefbauer

With 20 years as a CPA, Christi Schaefbauer has experience in many aspects of accounting.  After obtaining her bachelor’s degree from Northern State University, Christi worked with the Department of Legislative Audit for the State of South Dakota for six years as an auditor.  She then spent several years in private accounting, leading audits and performing various tax and financial reporting services.  Her main focus in the private sector was school district auditing.  In 2009, Christi assumed the Business Manager position with the Mobridge-Pollock School District in South Dakota and in 2012, she was hired as the Business Manager for the Mandan School District in North Dakota.  Christi received her Master’s in Business Administration in 2009 and became a Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations in 2011.

Important Course Dates

December 18, 2017: Class begins

March 16, 2018: Course must be completed by this date with the final exam postmarked by this deadline.


Introduction to Accounting Syllabus

Online Lectures

Introduction to Accounting

Funding Accounting & GAAP

Basis of Accounting & Recording Accounting

Expenditures, Revenues & General Ledger Accounts

Supplies Equipment & Fixed Assets

Financial Reporting

Resources and Websites

Required Text:


Instructions for Completing the North Dakota School District Financial Report:

Chapters 2-6 in Financial Accounting for Local and State Schools Systems


Useful Websites:

North Dakota Department of Public Instruction – School Finance:

North Dakota Century Code:

 Final Exam

Read Financial Accounting for School Administrators, Tools for Schools, Third Edition Ronald E. Everett, Donald R. Johnson, and Bernard W. Madden, chps 1-19. The reading assignment must be completed before taking the final exam.

After you have read all the course materials and watched the online lectures, you may take your final exam by clicking hereThere will be 100 multiple choice questions. You may use your lecture notes and course resources to answer these questions. Once you have completed the exam, click “Show Results.” A screen will appear with your recorded answers and final exam score. Remember to complete a proctor form and return it via email to by March 16, 2018 to receive your final grade in the course.  


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