Budget, Budget Forecasting and School Accreditation

About the Instructor

Dr. Paul Stremick

Dr. Paul Stremick is currently superintendent of North Border Public Schools, a district with schools in Neche, Pembina, and Walhalla, ND. He formerly served as superintendent at Centennial School District in Minnesota, Dickinson Public Schools,  Grafton Public Schools, and at Whitehall, MT. He also filled two principalships in Shepherd, MT, and Ashland, MT.   Stremick is former president of the North Dakota Association of School Administrators, and he earned his doctorate in school administration from Montana State University.  Dr. Stremick played an instrumental role in shaping the state school funding formula during 2007 in response to Williston Public Schools v. the State of North Dakota and continues to have an active presence in state legislative discussions related to school finance.  He also teaches school finance to school administrators for the University of North Dakota.    

Important Course Dates

Class Time and Location: February 9, 2018, 6:00 – 9:00 pm, Heart Room (lower level), Ramkota Hotel, Bismarck 

Due Dates for Assignments & Final Assessment: Assignment 1 due February 9 at class; Assignment 2 and Final Assessment completed by April 27, 2018


Budget, Budget Forecasting and School Accreditation Syllabus

Reading Assignments

Chapter 8 and 22: Financial Accounting for School Administrators (3rd Edition). Everett, Ronald E., Johnson, Donald R., & Madden, Bernard W. (2012).  Rowman & Littlefield Education.

School Finance Facts

State Aid Projections

NDSDFARM (North Dakota School District Financial Accounting and Reporting Manual)

NDCC 57-15-02.2

Course Assignments

Assignment #1: In a series of interviews with the superintendent, principal or the local school board president, determine each person’s role in the budget development process used in your school district.  Two interviews are required. A summary of each interview should be written, include questions asked and time logged for interviews.  Please ask your superintendent for a copy of the budget and bring it to class.  Please complete all of assignment #1 prior to class. {20 points}

Please use the template for conducting interviews to complete this assignment.

Bring completed Assignment #1 to class on February 9, 2018

Assignment #2: A culmination document, with the written interviews, should address the process you engaged in for this activity, a reflective consideration of the process and information obtained, and a thoughtful commentary on the budget process for your school district. Identify strengths or limitations of the budget and the process. Also provide a descriptive rationale for possible additions, deletions or changes that you would make if placed in a position of authority. {30 points}

Assignment #2 must be returned to the instructor via email with a postmarked date of April 27, 2018. A completed protector verification form must be attached to the test.


Budget, Budget Forecasting and School Accreditation Presentation

Final Assignment

The instructor will provide you with guidance on this final exam during class. Your completed final exam must be returned via email to the instructor at with a postmark date of April 27. A protector verification form must be completed and mailed to the NDSBA or emailed to by April 27 to validate the final assignment.

Final Exam

Certificate of Levy


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